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Brazil UFO Sightings

1954 This photograph taken in 1954 of a disc shaped object is one of the clearer of the old UFO pictures, and that is one reason I’m inclined to believe it’s a fake, mainly because there were a rash of … Continue reading

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New Mexico UFO Sightings

1947 Roswell on July 2, 1947 what is without a doubt the most famous UFO event in the history of the world happened in Roswell, New Mexico. The crash in Roswell was the only time the United States government admitted … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania UFO Sightings

October, 1985 A Harrisburg, Pennsylvania woman reported sighting a “huge” unidentified flying object, hovering above her house, and five surrounding homes, she described the object as white with no lights, the brightest thing she’d ever seen, yet it did not … Continue reading

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