Alaska UFO Sightings

1952 Alaska UFO Photograph

Alaska 1952 UFO

November 17, 1986

According to crew members of a Japan Air Lines cargo jet flying from Reykjavik, Iceland, over the North Pole to Tokyo with a stop in Anchorage, an unidentigied flying object followed their flight across the Arctic Circle, the crew described the object as having white and yellow strobing lights, and when they radioed air traffic control in Anchorage they said the “huge UFO” was flying “in formation” with their flight.

The Air Force confirmed the object 8 miles away from the Japan Air Lines jet for about a minute before losing the object on radar, the FAA in Anchorage and Fairbanks could not pick up the object on their equipment.

The entire encounter lasted for about 20 minutes before the crew of the jet stopped seeing the lights.

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