UK Sports Reporter Sees UFO In Hertfordshire

UK Flying Disc

A sports reporter, Mike Sewell, working for Radio 5 Live in the UK is claiming to have seen a disc shaped UFO flying over a field in Hertfordshire. The reporter encounter the craft at 4:15 in the morning, while heading toward Stansted airport, he describes the object as a big bright light in the sky, the size of an aircraft, disc shaped, with to large panel lights underneath, circling over the field for two or three minutes.

The BBC website has an audio clip of the reporter on the radio describing his encounter with the unidentified flying object.

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Colorful Missile Like UFO Over Roswell New Mexico

Some great looking footage coming out of Roswell, New Mexico of an object that seems to behave mostly like a rocket/missile shooting quickly through the sky, but with quite the colorful trail, and a sort of expanding effect towards the end, perhaps after an explosion of the device.

In a way it feels reminiscent of the supposed Russian rocket causing spirals over Norway not long ago, this was likely a test being performed at one of the many places where America does that sort of thing out in New Mexico.

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UFO Sighting Over Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo Brazil Sighting

This video was taken of an unidentified flying object flying through the night skies of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The video shows a saucer shaped object littered with lights along the edges and a large light in the center of the object.

I personally find it unlikely that any form of advanced alien life could be responsible for the shoddy creation of this gaudy, awkwardly spinning UFO, looks more like something homegrown.

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